Long Term Car Rental in Uganda: Is It Worthy It?


Are you interested in extending your business fleet at a reduced cost? Or better still, do you have stretched-out family needs that always have to be sorted as soon as possible? This is when you have to sign-up for long term Uganda car rental, where you don’t have to stress about being offered the best models for an extended period of time- say 6 months, one year or even two years. Are you aware that when you purchase or book something in bulk/or long period of time, you are likely to get cheaper rates? Yes, it is also applicable to vehicles hence making long term Car Rental the ideal option for family and business needs.

While most travelers will doubt this, it is actually possible and there is no hidden tricks behind long term Car rental and it is even surprising that come Car Renters aren’t even aware that this exciting option is even available. If you wish to rent a car for a long period of time, say one year or more, there is no need to go for the traditional option of renting it. You can just opt for the long term car rental option and enjoy the convenience of driving a personal car at lower rates. Additionally, you can choose the ideal car for your personal, business or family needs. Therefore, here are the advantages of sighing up for the long term Car rental;

Zero maintenance costs

When you drive your personal car, it is your responsibility to handle documentation, all required insurance covers as well as maintenance, which is not the case with a long term Car Rental. When you choose this option, the responsibility of maintaining, documentation and insuring the car solely lies on the shoulders of the Car rental Company. With this, you are covered in case of accidents or when the vehicle requires to be maintained.

There is a wide range of vehicle options to choose from, including the latest models

Another interesting advantage of long term Car Rental is the fact that renters are provided a wide range of vehicle options to choose from without limit, as long as it is within the budget of initial payment that was made. With this, you can change into an SUV, an 8-seater Van or any other car that suits your Car rental requirements and needs but remember, it has to be within the price range of the payment initially made.


Unlike the daily or weekly car rentals (or short term), the long term car rental will save you a great deal of money. Companies usually provide discounts to customers that rent cars for a long period of time hence making it considerably cheaper than owing your personal car. Are you aware that you can hire a car at a certain rate today and one week later find rates have changed (increased)? However, this isn’t possible with the long term car rental, considering the fact that rates are fixed according to your budget and a contract is signed with the Car rental Company.

Flexibility in renting the Car

With long term Car rental, you can always return the vehicle whenever you desire, depending on the duration of stay and if you wish to extend your road trip, the Rental agreement can be extended to cater for your changed plans. Additionally, it is possible to change the Car to accommodate the number of passengers that you have. Whether it is a smaller or bigger car that you desire, you can always be provided as long as it is within the range of payment you made.

No loss of value/ or depreciation costs

When you opt for the long term Car rental, there is “no loss of value”. For instance, when you buy a car, it is guaranteed to lose its value and when you try to sell it, it will not even be half the value you purchased it. This doesn’t happen with the long term Car Rental where worries of losing car value lies on the shoulders of the Car Rental Company who is in charge of maintaining it. One thing you should always put in mind is that once you drive a new vehicle off the Car bond, it automatically loses its value even before finishing 24 hours.


In so many ways, Rental Cars are convenient for renters who wish to occasionally change their model, which has been eased by the flexible contracts. Whether your personal car usually breaks down or you are the kind that usually takes extended road trips, the long term Car Rental is the perfect option as you will be back on the road in so time.

Increased safety

Given the regular maintenance processes performed by the Car Rental Company, you are guaranteed of safety (in terms of reduced accidents) resulting from broken lights or faulty engines.


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