One Way Rental Agreement in Uganda


Our car hire company is flexible; we have many options a client can choose. Some clients prefer to rent a leave it somewhere. This is very possible; you just need to let us know where you will drop the car and time then our driver can come and pick it.

We also one way car rentals crossing the country to Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania, it is possible to rent a car and leave it in Rwanda, or start in Kenya and leave it in Uganda. A client will just need to incur the cost of fuel and driver allowance to bring it back or to deliver it to him or her.

It is possible to rent a car and drop it to the border of Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania or the client can drop it in Fort portal, Bwindi national park, Kasese, or would prefer to drop for him a car there and start the safari.

About crossing different borders, a client need to inform the office prior in inquiry because prices change depending on a country and moreover, we need to provide you with necessary paper work for the car to cross the border.

Inquire with us; we shall let you know the driving tips in each country, different destinations and attractions you can visit in a certain country and creating suitable and feasible itineraries for you.

Even clients who are going for other purposes not tourism can also do one way rental. For instance clients working in non-government organizations (NGOs), Conference meetings in different parts of the country and others.

Some of our cars take Petrol, and others Diesel, Some are Automatic Transmission and others Manual Transmission. In case you prefer a car specifically manual or Automatic, you need to inform the Consultant to allocate you a suitable car.


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