5 Tips For Fuel Efficiency On Uganda Road Trip

Fuel Policies in Uganda

Wondering how best you can save on fuel while on a road trip in Uganda? Well, with fuel rates ever on increase one can be left in wonders how he or she can get to that dream destination like others have made it without incurring much on fuel. It does matter how fuel efficient your vehicle is, but what is important is for you to find out how best you can save some cash at the fuel station at end of the day. In order to effectively cut on fuel consumption, these 5 tips must be put into consideration.

Go for trips

For those who have driven cars for long before, you realize that driving a vehicle that has been just parked for a few hours its engine can be cold and it can use much fuel for the first 5 miles. To save on fuel costs, you need to find a way of cutting down the number of road trips you make each day.

Schedule regular maintenance

If you are a car owner, it is important that you have a maintenance schedule for your cars. Whether your car is fuel efficient or new, by ensuring proper car maintenance, you won’t incur costs on issues that bring about poor fuel economy for instance old spark plugs, dirty air filters or low fluid levels and others.

Try to slow down

Usually, the faster you go, the more aerodynamic drag is applied to your car and when this occurs, the end result is high fuel consumption. An example is when you drive at a speed of about 75 miles per hour on a highway; you can lose about 15% more fuel than if you reduced the speed to about 62mph. This won’t only save your wallet but also one safer way for everyone on board.

Use cruise control

In case you are planning for a road trip then you must have perhaps done some calculation on fuel consumption and also attempted to live within your means. By opting to set the vehicle’s cruise control forces it to maintain a constant speed that doesn’t burn that much gas. This means whether you are setting off on highway to work or road trip, you get opportunity to save your wallet at end of the day.

Do not buy premium gasoline

Unless the vehicle has a high performance engine which needs a higher octane rating, normally 91 or more, premium gasoline will not make a change in how a car runs. Avoid spending on costly gasoline in case it is of no use to you. However, if there is any sign of it to be used then do it.

Make sure that the car roof is clear

By securing things on the roof comes with additional storage capacity while traveling though it also increases the aerodynamic drag thus rendering the engine to work harder and hurting the fuel economy.

Conclusively, while planning to rent a car for road trip it is always important to be mindful of how you can save some cash on fuel the fact that fuel rates are ever increasing. With the above tips, we believe you won’t incur a lot because of too much fuel consumption.


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