Kony Video A Threat to Tourism

Kony 2012

The recently released video highlighting the activities of  the Lord’s resistance army warlord Joseph Kony has been welcomed with mixed feelings especially in the tourism sector.

A largely misleading video, which depicts Kony as if he is still committing terror activities in Uganda has scared many tourists into the country fearing to meet the same threats as the video indicates. Uganda was ranked number one tourism destination center by lonely planet for the year 2012.

Uganda is blessed with many attractions, ranging from mountains, which are attract mountaineering safaris, Mountain gorillas, that attracts gorilla tracking safaris, various wildlife parks, which attract wildlife tours, many lakes, rivers, which attract sightseeing tours, various cultural settings, which makes cultural tours more interesting.

With the misleading  Kony video, many tourists have had to cancel their bookings with most Uganda tour operators.


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