5 Best Cars to Hire on Self Drive in Uganda


Uganda is a developing country in the East African region. Her infrastructure is steadily developing and all its safari destinations are in the country side. So taking a safari to any destination in Uganda, be sure to drive on poor roads amidst rough terrain, typical of the East African relief.

As self drive safaris in Uganda are becoming very popular, going for a self drive safari to enjoy and experience Uganda’s beauty ranging from the landscapes, wildlife and culture you will need a perfect car that is fit to conquer the rugged African terrain and to be able to access all corners of the country.

If you like to hire a vehicle to create your own trail or circuit or maybe follow a planned circuit by our consultants by helping to book lodges and other services for you, the choice is completely yours.

We provide self-drive cars to suit your adventure in Uganda and which will give you comfort and safety to your safari destination.

Uganda is suitable for self-drive safaris, either solo trips, as family or group and they are becoming popular in due to a variety of attractions. So some people would like self driven safaris rather than guided safaris to create their own adventure in Uganda and the recommended cars can better fulfill the dreams.

Toyota RAV4 (Comfortable and Recreational Vehicle, 4wheel drive).

The compact crossover sport utility vehicle will give you the best when it comes to performance, luxury and speed. The automatic transmission SUV has got good cargo room for your luggage, higher visibility and fulltime four wheel drives. It has got good maneuverability for African roads and low rate of fuel consumption. This will give you a reason to take long trips as you enjoy Uganda in a roomy comfort.

Toyota Prado (Safari land cruisers 4X4).

These road beasts maneuver through every kind of terrain. For great safari in Uganda and luxury, the 4×4 land cruiser safari vehicles with or without a pop-up roof will take you without getting stuck. With best amenities like carrying capacity of 5-8, power adjustable front seats, fog lamps, fridge, air conditioners and enough space for luggage. Designed for rough environment, the 4×4 safari land cruiser will give you ability to cruise at a great speed, enable quick driving and spacious enough to enable sightings and landscape photography.

4×4 Safari vans (super custom/mini bus).

The comfortable and customized 9 seater vans with a pop-up roof to enjoy viewing the stunning attractions can take you to any destination in Uganda. It has got a good and wide driving area, sun screen that will condense strong light rays giving you a good and healthy travel experience.

Safari Vans have got low fuel consumption rates and this makes them ideal for long journeys. These are suitable for people travelling in a group maybe a family or friends and have a great luggage space however it depends on the number of people travelling.

Al these vehicles are available for hire without a driver to make your travel dream in Uganda fulfilled. However you need to well-versed with the Ugandan Highway code.

Some tips to remember when driving in Uganda;

  • Remember to drive below the speed of 60km/hr. on highways, 50km/hr. in towns and 40km/hr in national parks and game reserves (every life matters and speed kills).
  • Also be aware of un marked humps in various parts of the country.
  • Always respect road signs and remember the number one rule of the road in Uganda is to keep left while driving.

Get the most reliable self-rental services in Uganda with our company and maximize your adventure to make it astounding and memorable.


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