Best Trails for Women On Safaris in Uganda

Batwa Trail

The best trails for women on safaris in Uganda-the best experiential hiking or nature walking trails in Uganda. In the heart of Africa, lies Uganda-The Pearl of Africa a spectacular country with rolling Hills & Volcanoes, Forests, National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, Wetlands, Lakes, Rivers including the Source of the Nile, Wildlife and unique cultures. Hitting any of many trails on safaris in Uganda offers should be a must-do for any nature loving traveler.

Uganda is noted for its exceptional hiking/nature walk trails, each exposing nature loving travelers on Uganda safari to country’s unique attractions and habitat with hidden treasure. The trails guarantee women on safaris in Uganda unusual on-foot walk experiences and remarkably, hikes can even be incorporated with a range of other activities. The various trails for women on safaris in Uganda offer from more strenuous to simple hiking hikes.

Best Trails for Women on Safaris in Uganda

Mount Rwenzori hikes

Mountain Rwenzori hikes offer more strenuous hiking experiences but worth embarking for women on safaris in Uganda. The Rwenzori hikes usher hikers to the summits to explore Margherita peak on altitude 5109m, often takes 8 days or more. At Rwenzori Mountains, there are also different trails leading to nearby peaks.

Mount Rwenzori is undeniably one of the best kept secrets in Africa, featuring as Uganda’s highest mountain range. Hiking through the various trails of Rwenzori Mountain ranges reward hikers with exceptional views of unique flora, alpine valleys, fauna and at the top enjoy view of ice glaciers.

Bwindi National Park trails

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a home to not only mountain gorillas but also the world’s best hiking trails. The 331sq.kms park features several trails in and around it each offering a distinct experience. The famous trail leads hikers via Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and also covers fantastic places like Lake Mutanda and Kisoro. It is possible to arrange a combine hiking and gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi National Park especially while on a 4 day or 5 days tour.

The best trails women on safari in Uganda should expect hitting on while in Bwindi N/Park include Ivy River trail 14kms, Muyanga waterfall trail, Muzubijiro Loop, Habinyanja or Railegh trail, Buhoma-Nkuringo trail, Rushura hill walk and others.

Batwa pygmy trails

The Batwa pygmies are interesting people you should expect to interact with while on safari in Uganda. Hitting the Batwa trail gives deep insight into the Batwa unique lifestyle, cultures, history, traditions, practices and ancient hunting or gathering techniques. The Batwa stayed in the forest for years about 500,000 but later, they were evicted when Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks were officially gazetted as Uganda National Parks. The best cultural hikes are offered around Buhoma area of Bwindi NP, around Mgahinga National Park and Buniga Forest.

Mgahinga National Park trails & volcano hikes

Mgahinga isn’t only popular for gorilla trekking/golden monkey tracking but also a great hiking spot. There are many trails including the Batwa trail and other significant volcano hiking trails which allow you explore 3 volcanoes-Gahinga, Sabyinyo and Muhabura. A complete hike to Mgahinga N/Park’s volcanoes can take you a whole day from 6 to 8 hours though this may vary depending on visitors’ stamina. Gorge trail 3-5 hours is one exceptional trail that is worth hitting on while at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Kibale Forest trail

Kibale National Park, a famous chimpanzee tracking destination also famous as primate capital of the world offers the off beaten hiking/nature walks. Kibale features amazing trails worth hitting not only by male visitors but also female travelers on safaris in Uganda. The 795sq.kms park features interesting trails like the Nocturnal forest walk 12kms long. Kibale National Park’s hikes can be combined with Bigodi Wetland walks, Crater trail or the Amabere Caves exploration. On a hike/nature walk in Kibale Forest NP, you have a chance to sight the park’s diverse primates including L’Hoest monkeys, Colobus monkeys, Baboons etc.

Semuliki Valley trails

Semuliki trails are a few best trails women on safari in Uganda shouldn’t miss exploring. The best nature walk/hiking trails of Semuliki perfect for women to explore include Kirumia trails 13kms/8hours, Red monkey track 11kms Sempaya Nature trail 8kms.

Queen Elizabeth National Park trail

Queen Elizabeth National Park 1978sq.kms savanna park features diverse nature walking/hiking trails worth hitting on by women on Uganda safaris. The best trails Queen Elizabeth NP are found mostly in Mweya Peninsular, Maramagambo Forest, Kyambura Gorge, Kalinzu Forest with 4 trails, Kasyoha-Kitoma Forest nature walk trail.

Lake Mburo trails

Lake Mburo National Park is one best place to visit for nature walks. The park features exceptional trails which are ideal for nature walks. Rubango Forest is one amazing spot you shouldn’t miss visiting for nature walks while on Lake Mburo safari.

Mabira Forest trails

Mabira Forest lies along Kampala-Jinja Route and hosts diversity of primates and birdlife. The natural forest offers not only the Zip-lining experiences but also amazing nature walks which expose you to lots of birds, primates, flora etc.

Mount Elgon & Sipi Falls

The Sipi Falls & Mt. Elgon offers the best hiking experiences in Eastern Uganda both on Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano and Sipi Falls-the Triple waterfalls. It can take you half day or full day or more exploring these magical sites.

Murchison Falls National Park trail

Murchison Falls National Park , 3840sq.kms conservancy area offers more than exciting guided game drives. Murchison Falls NP sits in the Northwestern side of Uganda and it is with no doubt one best destination for women to undertake nature walk. The park has many trails including Kaniyo-Pabidi Forest perfect for chimpanzee tracking, 45 minutes hike to the top of the falls, Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker trail (this was listed as one of the world’s best trails by National Geographic)-extends up-to the Southern side of Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve on Lake Albert side.

Mount Morungole trail-Kidepo Valley NP

While on Kidepo Valley National Park safari, the Morungole Mountain trail should be a must to explore. It is 8 hours’ trail which lets you visit the IK people on the top of Mt. Morungole.


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