Why Hire Rooftop Tent Cars for Overlanding Uganda

Rooftop Tent in Uganda

Are you an adventurous traveller and you having passion in the camping exercise? A rooftop tent is one of the best options for the success of your Uganda self-drive trip. With a quick set-up, a rooftop tent grants you a great opportunity of spending a night anywhere in the wilderness. A rooftop tent is mostly equipped on Land cruiser vehicles which are strong enough to encounter any terrains during any Uganda safari destination

In the Eastern part, Uganda is among the best safari destinations on the African continent encompassing a variety of attractions including snow-capped mountains, the unique tree climbing lions, half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lakes, rivers and many others.

Most of the destinations where one can encounter these attractions are located in the western region of the country apart from Kidepo Valley National Park which is located in the Northern side and Murchison Falls national park in the northwestern region of the country making it necessary for a traveller to have a 4×4 safari vehicle that can cross all the terrain regardless of the weather conditions.

In the heart of the bush, have a peculiar experience on a 4×4 rooftop tent vehicle and have a long-term story to tell. When going for a self-drive safari in Uganda, there are various reasons why you should opt for a rooftop tent vehicle and among these include;


For adventurous travellers, a rooftop tent vehicle is the best option for your safari since till grants you a chance to spend your nights in the jungle rather than going to customary places like lodges and hotels. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of different animals and bird species in the jungle and in the early morning, fancy your eyes with a beautiful sunrise in the middle of the wild. Also, the rooftop tent brings you close to different wild animals more especially the nocturnal which you can spot through the window nets of the tent in your comfort zone.


Fixed on top of the vehicle, a rooftop tent is safer than the other ground camping gears. This is so because the travellers spend the night at the top of the vehicle thus making it difficult for the wild animals in the jungle to attack them. Due to your safety, you will be able to have a thrilling experience during your self-drive safari in Uganda


Reduce the amount of money you would have spent on a safari by hiring a rooftop tent vehicle since you will dodge the accommodation rates in hotels and lodges by spending your night in the rooftop tent.

Better view

At the top of the vehicle in your rooftop tent, have a clear view of the safari destination like national parks, game reserves and others. You will be able to spot various park attractions like animals, birds, plants and many others. The clear views from the rooftop tent will also help you take beautiful photographs for your memories.


A rooftop tent vehicle during your self-drive safari is designed to fulfill all what is needed for your safari. It is packaged with a 4×4 vehicle for transport; a tent for accommodation and all the cooking equipment are provided thus making your life easy during your safari

Splendid experience

A rooftop tent provides a wonderful experience to a traveller during a self-drive safari in Uganda. A number of Uganda attractions become muddy and slippery during the rainy weathers thus making it difficult and uncomfortable for one to spend a night in the ground camps. But with the rooftop tents, your safari experience is always wonderful since you don’t get to worry about the rainy effects like mud and coldness.

Fast and easy set up

Unlike other camping tents like the ground tents, a rooftop tent is easy to set up since it doesn’t take a lot of time thus not affecting any programme of the client.

Off the ground

Another advantage of hiring a rooftop tent vehicle is the fact that the clients are always off the ground. This keeps them safe from different dangerous animals like snakes and larger insects that would cause harm to them.


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