Best 5 Adventures on a Road Trip in Eastern Uganda

Eastern Uganda Road Trip

Looking to a total or best adventures on eastern Uganda road trip? Well, the eastern city of Jinja is described as “East Africa’s adventure capital” with the presence Nile River, arguably the longest river in the world, supports a range of adventure activities one shouldn’t miss out on a visit to Uganda.

A trip to one of Uganda’s big city of Jinja is regarded as East Africa’s adventure highlight. The presence of remarkable water bodies such as the Nile River and a sea size Lake Victoria makes experiential adventures thrive.

In today’s discussion, we look at the major attractions and activities one can take part while on the amazing best adventures on eastern Uganda road trip.

Ssezibwa Falls

Ssezibwa Falls found almost half way between Capital Kampala and Jinja city, is a natural wonder, on a river believed to have been human born. On top of the high roaring fall, the visit here is a combination of scenic sensation, Nature walk, Rock climbing, cultural tradition, and hike to the top of the fall. All this can be practically incorporated into your best adventures on eastern Uganda road trip.

Mabira Forest

Mabira locally means forest, (ideally a forest – forest!) the thick and biggest tropical rain forest in central Uganda, Located on the way to Jinja, one stands a chance for a guided nature walk that not only rewards with views of different colorful birds, but also mammals, primates and huge ancient trees. This can be your second stop on your way to or from Jinja.  At Griffin falls in the middle of the forest is where magic happens, the grade five zip lining that allows one fly like a bird above the tree-tops of Mabira forest, it’s an adventure of a lifetime.

Cruise to the Source of the Nile River

At the source of River Nile, witness a point where 30% of Nile waters come from springs while 70%flow from Lake Victoria. The River is arguably the longest in the world. Originates right in Jinja where the waters start their 3 months journey to Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. Take a boat to Source of the Nile point and the ride crosses into Lake Victoria and back. The eco-system at the source is well kept with many flowering trees, plants, and shrubs attracting a variety of birds, reptiles and butterflies.

White Water Rafting

Go wild on the Nile, be thrilled with up to grade five Rafting through different rapids. This 1950s popular water sport rewards visitors to Jinja city with great experience. The powerful water rapids are likely to flip you off into the deep waters on a raft with a local guide on kayak along ensure your safety when you fall into the rapids. Most of different rafting companies provide family floating boats for you and your children to raft on this arguably the longest river in the world.

Horseback Riding Safaris

Horseback riding safari in the city of Jinja takes you along the Nile River visiting numerous villages of rural Uganda and homesteads along the journey to enjoy the area cultural tradition and stunning sights. The thrilling overnight horseback riding safari along the river banks is another special way to enjoy the Nile. This special advanced riding trip allows travelers to experience stunning views from the hills overlooking the Nile valley.

Quad Biking

Operated by All-Terrain adventures, Vehicle Quad Biking adventure is for travelers above 12years of age and takes you along the River Nile off the beaten tracks compelling in the sights and the local cultures as you ride through various villages in eastern Uganda. Guests to Jinja find this an exciting experience. However it is essential to pre-book your safari so that you find guides ready upon your arrival.

Mountain Biking

Bicycling along the Nile River at Jinja offers a very unique way to experience Uganda. the fun-packed experience is an incredibly the top most enjoyable for travelers to the Nile area, available for hire either half or full day basis where you can ride to approximately 60km, there are a number of places you can ride your bike such as riding along the Nile end to end various villages of rural Uganda.

Bungee Jumping

Leap over the Nile River from one of the most spectacular bungee jumping in the world. Diving into the Nile River offers one of the most fascinating and thrilling adventure activities of a lifetime to the pearl of Africa – Uganda while in Jinja for a road trip. This is a one-time experience is available for 13 years old and above, takes place at Jinja Nile resort and operated by Adrift Uganda.

Your best adventures on Eastern Uganda road trip is worth your penny and time as it rewards you with some of the stunning rare adventure activities that leaves you with memories of a lifetime. The eastern city of Jinja is one place you can never miss as you plan your visit to the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.


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