Jeff Accused Of Paying DJs Trash To Radio And Weasle Songs


Former Radio and Weasle manager, Jeff Kiwanuka has taken his beef to another level with his former employers.

According to media reports, Jeff has resorted to paying DJs at some of the biggest clubs to trash the duo’s music.

Xclusive Uganda, an entertainment news website reported that It’s been revealed that Club Silk Djs Heart, Bobby and Ivan have been the first beneficiaries of the initiative.

It is reported that every DJ pockets Shs20,000 a night so as to dump Radio and Weasle’s music. Jeff ran out of his lack when he tried to bribe some of the DJs who ply their trade at club Guvnor. These shrugged him off and even went a head to reveal his evil acts.

Jeff was the manager of the Good Lyfe duo from the time of their departure from Leone Island until early this year when they fell out.

This was followed by his eviction from their Makindye house popularly known as Neverland with the singers saying this was their house and they had just given a room to Jeff as a their manager who needed to be near them.

eff in turn vowed to bring their careers to zero. Jeff was also last month reportedly having denied Radio and Weasle facilitation to travel to South Africa where the MTV Africa Music Awards, in which they had been nominated were held.

It is believed the facilitation for the singers to attend the show was sent by MTV but Jeff who is the sole signatory to their account where all the communications took place opted to send his friends to the glamorous show.


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