5 Reasons To Never Visit Rwanda


The land of a thousand hills is quite a bore if you ever thought about it. Kigali has been described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world by people who were obviously out of their minds. Here are a few reasons to never visit Rwanda.

The capital city is filthy. Kigali city is a dusty town, her streets are full of garbage and barely any buildings.

Rwanda has no wildlife. There is no reason to visit a place that has no animals beside mosquitos and ants.

The Rwandan culture is really boring. Rwandan culture is not special and there is nothing interesting or beautiful about it.

There is nothing remarkable about this country. The Rwandan country side is flat and unattractive to look at.

The people are so cold and unwelcoming. If you are planning on visiting Rwanda get ready to be lonely and feel very unwelcome.

Despite all these reasons, Jovago.com has a number of hotels listed all over Remarkable Rwanda.


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