Here Is How To Make Your Relationship Last


Love never fails; it’s the reason we have to make it work. Recently a woman was explaining the importance of communication in relationships using her marriage as an example. She said that her husband once told her that her long night dresses bruise him.

Obvoiusly the point the man was passing on is for her to change her closet to accommodate short dresses. To him she looked better in short night dresses but she had no idea.

Relationships last because of compromise and patience. All people are different. Always ensure that the communication between spouses does not breakdown. If this couple was not talking, would they learn to work out differences? Couples in lasting relationships talk about everything including their dislikes all the time. Discussing openly about relationship challenges starts from couples being real about each other. Secrecy has no place in any health relationship.

Even long distance relationships can not fail. Even the long distance relationship case study of Burundi has provided that if something is meant to be, it will always be. The coup attempt failed even when the world thought it was successful.

You need to get real with love and fight with reality if you want to last. Get in the habit of making promises. Do not go back in time and change the reasoning after a break up. You always make the best decision you can at that time with the information you have. You fall in love because you feel someone is special and so keep the promise unconditionally.

Spend more time together. This will help you bond. It does not have to be an expensive night out. You can schedule regular activities together as a couple like jogging, brisk walking, and watching movies. This gives you more time to learn your loved one and bond.

Learn to support your partner overcome their weaknesses. Do not dramatize their mistakes. If they do apologize forget it even happened. It is nagging to keep bringing up past issues that are presumed solved. This is likely to bring up trust issues. It makes the other person feel uncomfortable in a relationship. They may move out.

Success in love is not about the looks, and finances. You need to have a strategy that is based on respect and commitment. Discuss the terms and expectations of the relationship as a couple. These terms can be on sex life, children, family, finances, and work. There is no such a thing like unconditional love. Always set terms and conditions otherwise adultery may be acceptable.

Love is a sacrifice, and you need to lay down everything for it to work. Love should be love. Leave the rest of your reservation about love as mathematical equations for God to solve. Always seek to know more about relationship and handle misunderstanding as they happen.

Never save them for another day. Remember whoever believes in true love, believes the impossible .Take an initiative as a couple to get people to mentor you in relationships. Identify a married couple that has already been there to be accountable to. Ask them to be your mentors. They will always offer guidance and direction to you on how to last in relationships.


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